Organic 100% Arabica with the addition of herbs

Cafézia™ is a rich and intense coffee that stokes the senses and stimulates the mind’s creativity.
Premium 100% Arabica from plantations in Peru and Honduras.


Cafézia™ coffee is a blend of only the highest quality Arabica beans, grown at an altitude of 1200-1800m.

The harvest is completely manual with only perfectly ripe cherries picked.

Only prime washed coffees are used in Cafezia yielding a superior taste and an excellent finish.


Organic coffee of high quality and great taste is grown on the eastern slopes of the Andes in the central region between the provinces of Chancamayo and Satipo, where nature is still unspoiled and of exceptional beauty.

Peruvian coffees are renowned for being exceptionally well balanced with great body, aroma, point and flavour.


Good aroma and well defined point are the hallmarks of this shade grown coffee.

Harvested by hand due to the mountainous terrain prevent the use of mechanization. That said, hand-picked coffees ensure only the ripest of beans are harvested, ensuring superior quality.

Only Arabica coffee is produced in Honduras with much of the harvest qualifying for gourmet grade.


Cafézia™ coffee has a complex flavour profile with floral notes and an exceptionally clean finish

Not only is our coffee guaranteed to give your mind and body the focused energy it needs to make the most of each day, but it is also ethically sourced and produced. 

This means that you can drink our coffee happily with the knowledge that every element of our production is completed in the most fair and sustainable way possible. 

Ultimately, our high-quality, premium coffee gives you everything you could ask for in a natural coffee, minus the jittery side effects.

How is it prepared?

High quality coffee beans travel from the plantation directly to the plant for roasting. cafézia coffee is roasted from small quantities of fine arabica beans, maintaining its freshness, and excellent taste. hand packing follows, further enhancing the exceptional quality of the final product. this quality is attentively maintained and scrutinized in modern laboratories.

Herbs in Cafézia

Cafézia™ coffee contains the same herbs that Ayurvedic medicine has been using for thousands of years

These herbs are present in Cafézia™ at precisely calculated amounts according to a strict formula resulting in maximum effect. These three herbs are added to the mixture of coffee in very small quantities, but cleverly blended so as to ensure the optimum flavour and preserve the beneficial effects traditionally associated to them.


Yerba Mate

Sweet Woodruff

Cafézia Varieties

The quality and selectivity of the individual raw materials as well as the ready-made cafézia coffee products are backed by several international certifications
cafezia-coffee-english (3)


Delicate, alluring flavour and fruity notes



Earthy, exotic flavour, notes of dark chocolate and nuts

cafezia-coffee-english (2)


Intense, substantial flavour, notes of dark chocolate and caramel