Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled some of the most common questions from you. Didn´t find your answer? Contact us here or on social media!

Is Cafézia a coffee substitute?

No, Cafézia™ Coffee is regular coffee with a small quantity of herbs mixed in a precise ratio. This ratio is  based on previous studies which aimed to uncover the maximum efficiency of the herbs’ beneficial properties.

How will Cafézia improve my health?

The precise proportion of Cleavers, Hyssop, and Yerba Maté in Cafézia™ Coffee will systematically boost your immune system and stimulate brain capacity with positive effects on digestion, sugar metabolism, cleansing of toxins from your blood stream, reducing or eliminating possible arthritic joint pain, or helping with skin eczema or acne.

Are there any negative side effects of using Cafézia Coffee’s herbal mixture?

The herbs in Cafézia™ Coffee are in low quantities (2% ot total product weight), with only a beneficial influence on metabolism.

What are some of the possible long-term benefits of drinking Cafézia Coffee?

A decrease or elimination of side effects related to caffeine absorption. The herbal components in Cafézia™ Coffee may help boost the function of the immune system, support the function of the nervous system, stimulate digestion, or eliminate constipation. They may also increase alertness and mental focus, relieve arthritic joint pain, renew cells by enhancing cell metabolism (anti-aging), balance blood sugar levels, and relax peripheral blood vessels.

What if I drink Cafézia Coffee and I still don’t feel better?

Cafézia™ Coffee is not a medication. Herbal remedies will not help in the case of severe medical issues. Cafézia™ Coffee will certainly decrease or completely eliminate negative side effects connected with caffeine absorption (nausea, jitters, fatigue, or depression) by slowing down and regulating its metabolism.

Can I still put sugar in my Cafézia Coffee?

Yes, sugar has no influence on the herbal components in Cafézia™ Coffee.

Can I use milk in my Cafézia Coffee?

Yes; however, milk may mask the pleasant herbal taste in Cafézia™ Coffee.

Is there a daily consumption limit for Cafézia Coffee?

The only limit is in the quantity of coffee (the allowed daily dose of caffeine). 2-3 cups (2-3 Cafézia  espresso cups) per day are OK, as with normal coffee.

Why does regular coffee make me feel awful?

Caffeine has a similar chemical structure to dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that regulates motor functions in the human body; as a result, caffeine boosts the corresponding processes related to the action of dopamine. In other words, caffeine stimulates physical activity, and because it is also very closely related to the metabolism of serotonin, it also influences our mental well-being, focus, attitude, and general ability to concentrate.

It is important to note however that in some cases, caffeine may cause some less desirable effects such as anxiety, shaking, headaches, sweats, or heart arrhythmia.

Moreover, brewed coffee is always slightly acidic. This acidity may lead to unwanted physical effects in some consumers, such as induced upset stomach, heartburn, or a bad after taste.

To lower the potential unpleasant effects of coffee, we formulated Cafézia, a 100% Arabica, fair trade, organic, kosher, and CE certified coffee, which contains a mixture of 3 organic herbs.

Cafézia is an original Canadian product manufactured in London, Ontario, and has been growing in popularity recently in Europe as well.

Backed by science, not just marketing claims​​