Caffeine vs. dopamine

Cafézia™ coffee combines the best freshly roasted Arabica beans with a specific amount of herbs to reduce or eliminate potential side effects of caffeine and the acidic components of coffee.

Side effects of caffeine and acidic components of coffee can be successfully reduced or eliminated by alkaloids obtained from organic herbs.


Most people access caffeine through drinking coffee. It is the most popular stimulant worldwide with over 2.25 billion cups consumed daily. It has many health benefits and various effects on human physiology.

Short term effects

Short term effects include an increase of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that activates the pleasure centre in the brain), which brings both psychological and physical support.

Long term effects

Regarding long-term effects, there may be symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, insomnia, tremor, etc., due to a decrease in dopamine levels after its initial release. In addition, caffeine and acids can cause stomach problems or even sudden nausea after drinking coffee.

Cafézia™ coffee contains the same herbs that Ayurvedic medicine has been using for thousands of years

They help keep the body in good health and have beneficial effects. Ayurvedic herbs are popular for their various effects. The healing properties of herbs were widely known and used by indigenous people in Asia and North America

Similarly, these three herbs in combination with antioxidant properties of Arabica coffee improve this effect as well as increase the quality of the coffee and the pleasure drinking it. 

The three organic herbs added to Cafézia™ coffee are Hyssop, Yerba Mate and Sweet Woodruff, all of which have been known for generations for their health benefits. 

These herbs are present in Cafézia™ at precisely calculated amounts according to a strict formula resulting in maximum effect. These three herbs are added to the mixture of coffee in very small quantities, but cleverly blended so as to ensure the optimum flavour and preserve the beneficial effects traditionally associated to them.

Herbs in Cafézia™ perform two basic tasks:

Reduces acidity (increase pH) in brewed coffee, which means the coffee does not burden the digestive system to the extent that normal coffee would.

Moderates the metabolism of caffeine and decreases its unwanted side effects such as: heart palpitations, excessive sweating or headaches.

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